I could really do with a new amp, I'm currently stuck with a line 6 75 watt. I want something loud to really keep up with a drummer and to gig with. I've looked at loads of tube amps. I really like the orange tiny terror but I wanted it with the 2x12 cab and even with just the 1x12 its out of my price range (I heard they break easily too), and the blackstar ht-5 stack won't keep up with a drummer, read reviews on the vox night train doesnt seem too good either ?

Preferably a cab and head set up too.
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willing to go used?
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willing to go used?

I want a good all rounder, but if we were going genre specific i'd say rock/metal something able to give a nice heavy tone, but not going death metal here.

I would be willing to go secondhand but would prefer new if possible for the price range

Or you could get the head off ebay and the cab used too.

The night train is nice.

Try make an offer on that, very versatile.

You can do much better than the VK IMO, and the 6260 is a bit more metal than he needs id think.
Night Train is actually nice, but not much of a metal amp... I mean it's passable for Iron Maiden and stuff like that, but it's really more of a classic rock/blues rock amp.

New will be tough, but a Bugera V series might work for you. They're nice for rock and do metal very well with a boost in front of them.

When talking about used stuff, a Laney LC30 or Marshall DSL401 are worth checking out. Both are versatile and have enough gain on tap for a lot of styles. Both can be found for very good prices in the UK.
Im liking the Marshall DSL401 and the peavey valveking 212 both are simmilar prices on ebay. Marshall is only 1x12 though. Better off with the peavey then or am i just a sucker for bigger is better.
I'd rather take the Marshall. Marshall's relatively affordable in the UK since that's where most of them are made. VK is only good because it's loud for cheap, the Marshall sounds a lot better though imo.
I'll be more than happy to give you my Randall for around £375. But if you want new you can't beat the Peavey or this http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/43518-hayden-amplifiers-mini-mofo-15w-head.html

with a good cab if you're willing to good over budget a bit.
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When I played the tiny terror it was muddy as hell. Couldn't get the nice heavy tone that I would of wanted..
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^I wouldnt say alot better really. My vc30 sounds better than the dsl401. And is cheaper.

Maybe it's just me, but I never liked the VK much. I'd take the DSL401 over it any day of the week. A VC30 is nice though, which brings us to the next point...

TS, a VC30 with a boost might suit you well. beckyjc happens to be selling one.
I dont like the VK either, but i disliked the DSL401 more just because it was alot more expensive and not much better, just slightly warmer cleans.

Indeed, but ive allready got a guy lined up to buy it. Maybe if he backs out.
Thanks for the advice guys, think i might have to go for the peavey valveking, see if i can get it second hand, if not will look for the DSL401
Used Rocker 30 combos go for about £430 on ebay and depending on the price of the TH30 when it comes out there might be a load being sold soon so the price will drop a bit.
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Used Rocker 30 combos go for about £430 on ebay and depending on the price of the TH30 when it comes out there might be a load being sold soon so the price will drop a bit.

Probably the best idea really.

I dont think the price of the thunder will drop. Preorder price is currently £630 for the combo, if anything it will probably rise.
Bugera 6262 or 333xl if you can spend and extra £50. I'm getting the 333xl in a few weeks.