i searched for this but couldnt find it. how do you finish a scale when you dont start it on the low e string.?
one way is to just move up the high e

em pentatonic

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how do you finish a scale when you dont start it on the low e string.?
Based on your question, maybe your not ready for this (and theres nothing wrong with that). But anyway...

Scales are just a series of notes arranged in a particular sequence which repeats itself every octave... They really 'start' and 'end' at the lowest and highest reachable notes of that scale on your guitar - not at any one string or boxed position. The sooner you can wrap your head around that the better. (even if you don't see the point right now)

Learn the scale at fixed position to start... but then go ahead learn it up, down, frontwards, backwards and sideways all over the neck.
Learning it on each string individually one at a time is a great exercise.
Use full neck charts as a guide ... they are great visual aids. This type of learning becomes easier to absorb the more you do it.

here's a random example in A minor ascending / descending. (hint: this also answers your original question)