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I randomly got Spanish radio on my guitar amp for no reason. Seriously, I didn't use my mp3 for this one; all I had was a overdrive pedal,my guitar,headphones and two slightly broken guitar cables connected to my amp.

The amp was on a clean channel and my pedal was on. For some Reason my headphones gave a strong signal by touching the cable to the amp; It got louder when I took the headphones out (obviously).

Does Anyone Know how the heck did this happen cuz I dunno.

It might be the pedal
the stretchy yam
An unnecessary Am chord

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i used to pick up radio on mine. if u change the tone u can get other channels. thats how we listened to the radio wen the electricity went out
Yes this is normal. My neighbor across the street has a massive CB Radio antenna on the top of his house, and when I have my amp turned up I can hear his conversations, I find it pretty amusing, but it gets old very quickly when its interfering with your song.
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i used to pick up radio on mine. if u change the tone u can get other channels. thats how we listened to the radio wen the electricity went out

How did you use your amp if the power was out?
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battery powered amp dipshit

No need to troll. He asked a simple question, as most amps don't have battery power.
I used to have Russian radio, I can speak Russian fluently now
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Your amp is possessed by a demon. You must dance around it naked under a full moon, while making gargling noises and screaming incantations from an N'Sync lyrics book.
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Haha, why is it always Spanish radio that hijacks peoples amps? It's crazy!
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sounds like your cable is acting as a antenna, might be a shielding issue with the cable, try a new better quality cable
I pick up the radio on all of my amps provided I'm playing in my house. I've tried different guitars, cables, etc. but ultimately, I think it is completely due to the positioning of radio towers (I live by two) in relation to your home. The other day I was picking a station up clear enough to play along to a CCR song. If you don't want to pick it up as much, you'll have to turn your gain down and not play with any fuzz or distortion (my Fuzz Factory makes radio signals waaaaaay stronger).
I used to get news talk radio. Strip the insulation and shielding off a cable and you essentially have a huge radio antenna.
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You've got the wrong amp. That amp is for Latino music. Latino music always has some guy yelling in Spanish in the background.
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