Hey, not sure if this is in the right section or not. But, anyhow I've had a dilemma lately that's driving me insane. I've been playing guitar for about five years now, I'd say I'm alright but nothing amazing. So for the longest time I've been looking around the area for other guitarist and bands trying to get one going or get in. Every single time I talk to a guitarist though the conversation starts out fine and I start getting really excited about finally having found one. Then my hopes completely crash when I find out they're horrendous terribads that don't even change the tune of their guitar from standard to play songs in drop C. I've gone through two handfuls of guitarists with similar cases to this. Should I even bother trying to be in bands with these guys or just continue on my solo practice at home and keep looking til I finally find others who I believe are the quality of musicians I need?
If you wouldn't be happy in a band of that quality, don't do it. I say stick it out until something you enjoy comes your way.
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How old are you? I ask this because a lot of younger musicians don't really experiment with alternative tunings (i know i didn't until my senior year of high school).

If you're looking to put together a metal band (which I'd assume by the tuning), advertise that to people you're interviewing to be your guitarist. If you find a guy who's sick nasty but only tunes to standard, have him be the lead guitarist and just play octaves of the song...

There are options if you're really craving a band situation
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I'm 17 right now, in my senior year of high school. I don't really care what tuning we all decide to play in, it's just the fact that he tries to do the chugs on his low E string which should be a C. It's just all off and it hurts my ears just listening to it, but doesn't bother him at all.
How old are these guitarists that you've interviewed? Have you tried telling them that they're playing in the wrong tuning? Or at least tell them to tune to drop d.
I'm guessing you're looking for a metal band?
Honestly, I think it really depends on what subgenre you're playing. If you're playing thrash metal, chugging on E can work. If you're playing death metal, not so much.

But, in any case, trying to play drop-tuned songs in standard is something I grew out of in my first year of playing. If they really can't hear the difference, even after a side-by-side comparison, you may have someone on your hands who doesn't have much of a future in music.
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Well there's two issues;

1. The guitarists suck

If this is from a technical/chops standpoint (ie. they cannot play songs), then you'll have to keep on looking. Craiglist is your friend.

2. They try to play songs in standard that were written in drop C

Who really cares? As long as you are playing in key with eachother, the tuning of your guitars should not be relevant.
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To be honest - and this is a personal viewpoint - if they're chugging on an E string when it should be a C and it DOESN'T sound bad to them, they are not band material.

I'd just keep looking round. For 99 idiots who can play Hey There Delilah and Smoke on the Water, there's 1 who can shred like you've never seen before.
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Why do you need drop c? And for a lot of guitarists, that's a total bitch to do. Just try playing with each of them, see how they play. Unless your doing covers. And i strongly doubt it's the tuning making him sound bad. Higher tuning can only make it sound better. Probably the amp or the player. And btw