I know they come in different gauges, but I already have a 52-42-30 set from some heavy bottom skinny top packs. I was going to buy some beefy slinkies but realized it's the same size on the bottom 3 strings. Is there any sound difference between packs, or can I mix and match? I read somewhere that the power slinkies wear out fast for some reason, which made me question if the strings were made different between gauges.
It's all about comfort. If you want a heavy bottom end and light top end, then get them. If you want heavy all around, then get them. If you want light and bendable, then get them. That's all there is to it.

EDIT: The big thing that string choice will affect is playability and feel. You have to have very well voiced speakers, amps, and pickups to really pick out audable differences in strings. Just figure out which ones you're the most comfortable with, and play them.
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Most people use guages for different tunings.
For new players it'd be better to stay at a low guage .09 -.42
It's easier to play with, and much easier to bend.
And gradually move up. to 10's and 11's.
I play with 49's.

I wouldn't go any higher unless I was downtuning.
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you guys misunderstood my post. I know about different gauge strings, but what I meant is:

say I have a 52 from a heavy top skinny bottom pack, and a 52 from a beefy pack. Would these 2 strings sound the same, or are they made differently from each other?