Danish pastries with tomato sauce on them.

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alot of people I know like to mix strongbow and urine

That's a redundant mix isn't it?
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ketchup + anything.
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People I know love milk and cola
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Ingredient list:
Pitted Dates
Hot Italian Sausage

1. Fill a cup with water and put all of the toothpicks in to soak (30 mins - 1 hour).
2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
2. Cut package of bacon in half.
3. Cut dates into thirds.
4. Slice sausages down their length just so that you can remove the skin.
5. Take small chunks of sausage and stuff into thirds of dates.
6. Wrap each stuffed third of date in half strip of bacon.
7. Push toothpick through and place on metal tray. Repeat for all.
8. Bake until beginning to brown.
9. Serve. Become enlightened. Send me money in gratitude.

Make sure you have a well ventilated area, as this tends to make some smoke while in the oven. Open some windows, turn on the vent, etc.
lettuce and french fries. it tastes like peanut butter if you do it right.
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ok, now everyone can agree that mosquitoes are douchebags.

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My dad is a fan of the weirdest sandwiches ever, noone in my family trusts him to make them one. Some of his best have been:

-pickled herring fillets, leftover mashed potatoes and bbq sauce
-ham, beetroot and seafood sauce
-cheese and banana

I dunno if its weird, but something I personally like to do, is dip toast in weird things, like custard, rice pudding, tea, a beef stock cube dissolved in water and wine.

Its incredibly nice to me, but everyone looks at me like I'm mentally retarded.
I also enjoy cocaine in my yogurt. Puts a zip in my step and is healthy to boot.
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Take 2 cups of dry white rice, and cook it.

After cooked, take a cup of sour cream and a big hand full of Monterey Jack cheese and stir it into the rice.

put the rice into a casserole dish and spread evenly.

cover the top of the rice with more Monterey Jack cheese and then put the dish in the oven for 30minutes, or until the cheese on the top has browned up a bit.

makes about 8 servings... I think i dont know.. when ever I make it at my house its gone really quickly and there were usually only 3-4 of us hahahaaha

you can use what every kind of cheese you want but I have found that Monterey Jack, or Mozzarella work the best.

MMMMM Cheesy rice!!!!!!!
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Lol wtf is the obsession with mixing anything with yoghurt

However, Carrots and chocolaté kicks ass.

I used to have pasta and tomato soup and people thought i was fudging wierd, yet it makes perfect sense - paste + tomato's - what's wrong with that?
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This man has brains.

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Banned for indirect reference.
My mom eats peanut butter & mayonnaise sandwiches.

I once met a German girl that drank beer mixed with cola. I'm not sure if it's common in Germany or if she just hated our American beer.

I just mixed Soy Sauce, Tabasco Sauce, and Steak Sauce with white rice. It tastes amazing.
I dont know if this is very unique but I just made a tuna salad sandwich with toasted bread and poured some tomato soup over each bite, it was probably one of my top ten favorite sandwiches ever

was the first time i've tried it :]
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Rice, chili, and black pepper.

Rice and chili isn't all that weird.

It is delicious!

anyway, I don't have anything terribly weird. I like cereal sandwiches (pb sandwich with cereal. sometimes I put fudge on one of the slices of bread). Another good one is pudding and cereal. They aren't too weird, they are just mixing things of alike flavor, but really different textures.
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