Hey UG, im in need of some advice/seeking knowledge. I recently bought this new laptop ive been working all summer for($1000) and at the end, the performance is not great and I prefer to have a new instrument. I already play guitar but I was also interested in perhaps learning to play the Keyboard. You know, the one most metalcore bands use but then again, i have no knowledge of anything of that sort so I come here to hopefully receive help. If i were to get my money back($1k) is there a keyboard or anything like that that you would reccomend?

p.s. When i wrote "or anything like that" in the last sentence, i meant other things such as a synth(what is this exactly? i heard the term and usage of it but not familiar) or a DJ set of some sort. I'd really like to get some knowledge in this area.

examples: what is used to make the background music for Satisfaction by Benny Benassi

and this band The Word Alive at 2:32-3:00

anything is useful to me so thank you for reading and posting if you did
get one with decent keys that can detect how hard you press them.

Yea i dont know much about keys
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