If you haven't been to an UK music festival you probably won't know what I'm talking about, but who actually is Alan?

I heard it was from an advert, but I never saw it :shrugs:

For anyone who doesn't get it: If someone is looking for someone, and calling out there name, about a dozen random nearby people will shout "Alan?? Is that you Alan??!", and it all spiralled from there.

It eventually led to the security people saying over loudspeakers: "please be patient on your way back to the campsite. Also, there has been no sign of Alan"

Please say someone knows what I'm on about? or ill look a fool
It's been all over facebook, it sounds pretty retarded IMO.

(I did not attend V-Festival)
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You are totally out on the wrong road, bud.
Next person who makes an Alan status on Facebook is getting deleted off my friends list.

This better not happen at Reading either.

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It comes from this if i'm right.


Ah yes, that must have been it.

It was kind of funny, the first time... It got old reeeal quick.

It wasn't just V, it happened at Latitude before and will probably be even worse at Reading and Leeds.
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I never liked Alan.

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Totally read it as anal at first.
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Got shouted at Hevy fest, outside my tent at 2 in the morning
And all my V going friends (I live in Chelmsford) have informed me of this.

It was funny the first few times at Hevy, but the guy shouting it was also wearing a dress which probably made it funnier.
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It's from that stupid show where they dubbed human voices onto wildlife films. Alan was the only midly funny thing I saw on that programme.
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Sounds like a rip-off of Adam and Joe.


Just coming!