I have had my Tweaker for around a month with no problems whatsoever. One of the original 6v6 was blown (have been using 6L6) but I acquired another and just put it in today along with the other 6v6 that was good. After about 10 minutes of playing it starts making these static noises like hissing. I checked my cable and even unplugged the cable and it still made the noise. I wiggled the speaker cable and no change. What could be causing this noise? The 6v6 tube I put in? Bad speaker? Bad pre amp tube? Looking for any suggestions.


Edit... I've recorded a clip with my phone in which you can hear the noise but I don't know how to post it.
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Could be the preamp valve, usually staticy noises are preamp problems.

Though it deffinately shouldnt be copping out after a month. Take it back to the shop.
I got an extra preamp tube I can switch around and see if that helps. Can't take it back to the shop bought it used from Musicians Friend online
Try it.

Surely they had an extended warranty since it was used?

Get in touch with them.

Though it depends on how old it was, couldve been due for a valve change..
I'll definitely try the tube swap before packing it up and sending it back. It has a return policy which I can utilize if it comes to that.

If someone could tell me how to post the sound clip I'll do that
Changed out all the pre amp tubes one by one and it still had the noise. I changed the 6v6's to EL34's and the popping quit but had a little buzz which is probably normal. So is it possible that the 6v6 are causing the hissing/popping noise?
Switch the valve back. If the popping continues, it was a faulty valve. You should take the valve back to were you bought it and demand a refund.