Hey (: Im not quite sure if this is against the rules but ill try to post this in need of advice (:
My problem is this: My skin right where the nail is on my pointing finger on my right hand is very sore and it hurts alot when i play. I have attached a picture that shows were the pain is. I wanted to ask if anybody else have had this kind of pain and what did you do to get rid of it.
It limits my playing quite alot. I dont wanna feel pain everytime i play the instrument i love ):

Serebii (:
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If you've been playing without a pick it happens eventually it'll heal and you'll be good to go.

if you're playing with a pick and caught a string, the same applies as the above statement
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My advice is to not play with pain. It is better to wait until the pain goes away before playing.

I know it sucks but i always do it and i think its the best thing to do.
Yes i am using a pick and i never seem to accidently hit strings with my finger.
Yea it is my actual finger (: Sometimes the skin look a little black? o.O I have already tried being away from the guitar. For two weeks actually and it still came back. Thanks for the quick replys btw (: