I know this is a guitar forum for the most part and most people on here play guitar only, but this is the MUSICIAN talk thread, so here goes. Mods, feel free to close this or move it if it's in the wrong place.

Anyway, been listening to an unhealthy amount of progressive rock recently and I've become a really big fan of Dream Theater's keyboard tracks. I was wondering: many musicians put out instructional and study videos, so are there any specifically for progressive rock? You can get similar ones for jazz, modern rock and blues among others. I've searched YT but there's not a great deal there.

I must point out I'm not the world's most competent sight-reader or brilliant ear player, so anything which relies on this is no good.

If I can find something it will improve my guitar and bass theory knowledge no end as well as making me a good keys player.

Any help?
The fact you can't find any is because you already found them. Classic/Jazz etc. That's what they use in progressive rock. Either that or soundscapes. In which case you need to try out some synthesizing. But in Dream Theaters case... the guy is known as a prodigy. So he might be out of your league.

But they do tend to use all sorts of music. One osng has a Honky Tonk solo, so you could study ragtime for that. But Classical and Jazz are the basics to the DT keyboards.