You have a really good technique on the fast stuff, the appergio's and fast licks sound amazing.
But, speaking of sound: I don't dig the sound at all, way too much gain for my liking and too much High/mids.
I think you use a modeller amp?
Try to play around with less gain, less treble, less mids and more bass.

Also, I think you need to learn to take some more time while improvising.
Moments of playing nothing are an (overlooked) must.
Now, your playing kinda sounds like standard licks you know and paste them all together.
Another suggestion is to work on your vibrato, your technique is amazing but the slow stuff lacks feeling mainly because of your ''nervous'' vibrato.
Try to make it more fluid and natural.

That was the most constructive critique I could give you :P
Remember: I really think you are a good player (especially technicaly), this are just some points of attention to make you even better!

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I think Pr0teZT really hit the nail on the head. Great technique with the runs and sweeps, the solo was just lacking in feeling and seemed kinda robotic. And again, as he said, the notes you don't play are just as important as the ones you do; gotta let the song breath and the notes sink in to the listener. I'm not going to comment too much on the tone, as youtube is great with butchering it and it sounds like it was mic'd with the webcam. Over all though, really solid improv and playing!