Lately, I've been wanting a Firebird. After playing Fender guitars for a while, I just recently bought an SG standard and love the tone I get with my Orange. Only thing is, the body shape and colour isn't really for me so I was thinking about selling it to help buy this firebird. Since these firebird's are so rare, I thought I would get some opinions from UG. I've looked around but I'm not satisfied with the info/lack of info I found.

I was told the guitar is in great condition but does have a few "very minor scratches." The case has some wear and the previous person who owned it used to smoke and rested his cigarette near the tuning pegs and there is a slight "stain at the head." This guy bought it used in 98 and said it's been to paris, new york and london but he says he no longer plays.

First of all, I've read the tone is a mix between a strat and a LP/SG.. Could anyone who has owned/played one explain what they think? And secondly, how much do you guys think this guitar is worth?
Just another thing I would like to add.. I know some people will say "go try it" but this guy lives pretty far from me so I would like to know as much about it as possible before making the trip there.
I used to have a guitar with pickups that came from a firebird, and they sounded more like single coils than humbuckers. I also tried a firebird in a music store, I can't comment on the sound since I didnt really listen to it, but it felt pretty unique and a little akward since the body is soo huge. I thought the neck felt closer to a gibson than a strat, but it could be the finish.
I have a Firebird V in sunburst (in way better condition than this one) & about the same year. Your pretty right about the tone but swinging more towards the typical LP/SG sound more than a strat don't let the mini humbuckers fool you they do an awesome job as good as a standard humbucking pickup. One thing I have to say about this type of guitar is that they are not weighted very well being top heavy and like to roll forward a little as well, the scale length is either a little longer than your typical strat i think or it may be where the neck joins the body may give it the feel of a larger scale so it feels like your holding your arm out a long way, if you play for hours on end it may get tiring. Also when I put the case in my car it goes right across my back seat it takes up so much ****ing room! Out of all my guitars it gets played the least and only comes out at certain gigs (wow factor) I've had it about 15 years now and bought it new in total it's only had about 2-3 years of playing lmfao and sits in it's case 95% of the time.I tend to play either my Fernandes -Revelle DK or my Variax 700 more. Great tone for recording!!! any other questions Im happy to answer.

shape of neck of firebird - same as LP.

Check out Fernandes guitars dude uou can get a wicked guitar for much cheaper than a LP or Firebird (the Revelle and Monterey both have the same dimention necks as the LP/Firebird)

One downfall with the firebird if you break one of the banjo tuners even tho all 6 are identical Gibson will only sell them as a set!!!!!!

in my country New Zealand - a authentic set of LP tuners about RRP$129
tuners for the firebird RRP$350!!!!!!!!!!!! so don't break em! I see there is no pictures of the tuners, also I would imagine to be some lacquer cracks and maybe belt buckle wounds.
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Thanks for the replies. I seen a band play on saturday and one of their guitarists had a white firebird and thought it looked great. There are so many people who play les pauls and SG's.. the firebird is really different. I used to own a custom Warmoth Jazzmaster with humbuckers. Loved that guitar aside from a few little things.

Any ideas how much this firebird might be worth?
About that specific guitar, the thing that is bugging me is that large discolored spot in the first picture. The exposure on the second picture makes it tough to tell if the spot in the first picture is just the finish or a flaw. It looks like the finish just wore off there a little bit, but ask him what the story is on that spot just to be safe. It doesn't look like a fill/refinish job to me due to the shape of it, but strange things can happen to a guitar on the road.

Also make doubly sure the neck is straight and the fretwork is in good shape if it's been traveling around a lot. It does look clean. I can't say on value though because I don't know much about those type of Gibsons.
I'm pretty sure that spot on the front is just a reflection since it's not noticable in the second pic.

There is a white one from 2002 on Ebay for $1700USD BIN. There is also a white 2008 for $1700USD BIN. The one from 2002 is mint apparently, but the one form 2008 has a crack in the finish near the jack..

Anyways, he was trying to sell it for "1700 firm" but I asked if he was flexible and said he would take $1500 CAD ($1426 USD). Sounds pretty decent to me but just wanted to hear what other people thought it was worth. I'm going to ask for more pictures