So does anyone have any advice or thoughts on what makes for a decent cover? Me and my band are going to be covering Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden in a few weeks for a show so I'm wondering if anyone has ideas as to how to stop it sounding like a cover where you're just playing the notes right but it doesn't sound much like the original or at all like a decent attempt. Hopefully this won't end up happening but better to be safe than sorry right?
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Just know you're not going to sound like Iron Maiden. You have to make it your own with what you have. Try your best as a band to make it sound, well like IM would make it sound live on stage, and don't be afraid to add your own flavor if it sounds like it's missing something.
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I have seen and heard lots of cover bands live and and on myspace and played in a few myself.

By far, the two things that separate good and bad cover bands (and any bands for that matter) are:

1) The singer
2) Tight rhythm

The vast majority of singers out there are horrible. If you had a good singer backed by a sloppy band, it would sound much better than vice versa.

If you have a decent singer and are tight, you can make the easiest song sound good. I heard a band do Tom Petty's Wont Back Down and it sounded great.

I heard another band try and do some complicated Rush stuff and it sounded horrible.
Well the number one thing you need to understand about covers is the difference between "different" and "wrong". You can change things up a little, as long as it has the same basic feel, and the idea of the song is there. If you're really good, you can even change the song around to mean something else entirely and not sound like the original song at all, but at that point you might as well just right a new dang song to get across what you mean. However, you are not allowed to play a cover and make it sound like sh*t. For example, theres a slipknot cover of Crazy Train. That is not okay. But the Bullet For My Valentine version I will accept. Unless you have a well developed personal style that actually sounds good, I would recommend you just play the song and try to stay fairly true to the original. You are not Iron Maiden, but people should still be able to tell its an Iron Maiden song, and they should still be able to enjoy it.

A good band is one that does covers and tries to stay true to the song, but because they have their own style, it ends up coming out different, but not worse. For example, when the Beatles started out, they were trying to be an Elvis cover band, but they didn't sound anything like Elvis, they sounded like the Beatles.
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Well, that depends if your band is an Iron Maiden cover band, or just a normal band covering an Iron Maiden Song.
If you are a cover band, try your best to sound like Iron Maiden would. Never in a million years will you sound like Iron Maiden, But you can try your best to sound similar.

If you aren't a cover band, for god's sake don't try to sound like Iron Maiden. You should really have your own sound, and not be imitating another band. Take the song, and apply your sound to it. Covers that are "true to the original" ****ing blow, hard. It just shows really how uncreative and unoriginal the band is.
-good timing
-good singing
-good playing
-move around a little and don't stand there like a statue
-don't try to sound exactly like the band you're covering. chances are you wont and it's good to have your own sound and add it to songs you're covering.

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