looking to buy bass guitar and amp, the style i generally play is death metal, but i also play bands like tool, kyuss etc, something ideal to downtune or 5 string, im very interested in buying used but dont know what to look for, any suggestions would be very appreciated

the amp is to match aswell, something which i can jam in a death metal band with, what brands and models should i keep an eye out for,

as you might of guessed im new to the bassing world, played a few times with band mates basses etc and wrote a few songs with bass but never actually owned one

all help is appreciated
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Cant really help with an amp, but I'd recomend some Ibanez SR models, I'm sure you'll be able to find a reasonably good 5 string one second hand somewhere
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In my opinion, the GSR series is unnecessary. The SR series is so phenomenal for the money, and GSR completely doesn't deliver. The tone sucks, the pickups hum, etc. Again, this all might be in comparison to the SR200, and I only base what I'm saying becuase of prior experience with a GSR190 and GSR200.

I'd reccomend the SR200 for a few bucks more, a Yamaha RBX170, Squier Vintage Modified Precision or Jazz (Jazz is probably easier to learn with), or if you can find one used and cheap, the fantastic Peavey Millenium.

Used, you could get any of the mentioned instruments for probably $150-200 (American, mind you.)

For an amp, my absolute favorite practice amp is the Ashdown After Eight (~$200 new, probably get a decent priced one used.). The Orange Crush 8" is fantastic too (~$150).

Hope this all helps.

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