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Actually, this one has a bit of story to it. Icronic hit me up a few weeks ago and sent me some of his old stuff, stubs and unfinished song ideas and all that jazz. Among these tabs I dsicovered the little Acoustic Intro that I build this song on.
So, everythign the acoustic guitar plays + parts of the bass under it are 100% icronics work.

He also is working on his version of the song. He's going for a more classic heavy metal apporach this time but I guess it will be still some time until he's finished.

Apart from that, use RSE as usual. I'll have an mp3 recording on my profile tomorrow. If you only have midi, don't even bother opening the tab, just go straight to the mp3 file and use the tab only fore reference. I can't be arsed to spent another hour on mixing it for midi.
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First off I would like to thank you for the crit of my piece, it really helped and had some great information, and now my attempt at returning such a great critique.

I liked the intro, the wah guitar sounded great and i loved how subtle it was, it really built up to the second part of the intro.

The second part of the intro was good but i felt like the kick drum shouldn't have been playing sixteenth notes like it was, i craved more rhythm for that section so you might want to switch that up.

The main riff was really good, the only thing that could be changed would be to have a lead guitar part, something like the funky wah you had going. The second half of the main riff was definitely nothing special to me, it also didnt transition into solo that well in my mind. That could be a section to change all together if you agree with what ive said.

The solo was great and i absolutely loved how the mood changed during the solo at 53 when it slows down, that is a great soling trick that people do not utilize enough and i was glad to hear it.

The bass solo was good but i think it went too long without changing, either have the guitars come in earlier or have the bass mix it up a little bit. I really liked guitars especially the small section of wah at the end of the measures.

The solo was amazing. It fit perfectly with the backing track and i loved how it ended in the last two measures.

Then comes the section after the solo, I really disliked this part but only because it was too similair to the preceding sections. After the solo would be perfect for some type of interlude, most of the riffs you have are all very similar and at that moment i really wanted a slower section. Maybe keep the solo guitar and the whole note power chords like the last two measures behind it at least for a little longer.

I liked the lead guitar at 120, really fills out the riff.

The transition into break 2 did not work for me, it just didnt flow and probably needs some more work.

Absouletly loved the last three solos, favorite part of the song but i think you should end it with the twin solo, 168 and on just seemed redundant.

Overall the really liked the song though. The solos were great, some of the best ive heard on ultimate guitar. I also really liked the overall mood of the song, it just worked.
not very constructive, but that was awesome!, wanna hear it recorded
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^^thanks for the crit bro

I took your advice and edited the ending and fixed some minor things throughout the song.

I don't really like my break 2 either, I just can't seem to get a better transition there. Just threw in a bass lick for the sake of it.
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Intro is a great hook, I wanna hear more!

Intro 2: I loved the flawless transition to heavy, A+.

Break 1: Great release and build-up, I'm enjoying what I'm hearing!

Main Riff: Very nice similarities to the intro, yet so different and entertaining.

Bar 42-45: EH, disappointing. I thought this was a unnecessary part that could be cut out. It sounds great just going into...

Solo 1: Going great, then at bar 50 I'm amazed at the subtle yet very effective change.

Dat Bass: trollface.jpg right? I'm sorry this wasn't a great riff to repeat.

The fol-: I loved it, though I'm no thin lizzy expert.

Break 2: No transition, kind of pops back out of nowhere.

Solos: As a guitarist I'm impressed, as a listener (of my taste, anyway...) I am disappointed, these could be more inspired!

Really great start to what could be an amazing song, but IMO the way it stands it needs some work in terms of arrangement and some of the musical quality.


The intro was a great way to start the song. Main riff was great. The solos are funky and I like that. the "Dat Bass" riff was great.
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Good song overall. The length, in terms of context, is far too long. I think that it lacks a bit of memorability.
The 3/4's of the song is quite good, but it really falters towards the end, one section after my namesake solo.
I think heading straight to a larger finale would work, instead of drawing it out.