I have an option to trade some of my equipment for a used Rocktron Voodu Valve On-Line preamp/multiFX processor. Now, I'm not normally a fan of anything that simulates a real tube amp to be honest, however, I've never played with anything in this price range. The best I had in my hands so far was VOX tonelab which is really not so good.

For my main setup right now I use a Fender Telecaster through a Peavey Classic 50 212 combo guitar amp. It produces a really great tone, but due to the nature of my band (original songs in the U2/Radiohead manner), we need a bunch of effects to create ambiental sounds, so a multiFX processor might be a good idea, considering that I will get it traded for another guitar I have. I am especially interested in the clean area of effects like delay, reverb, chorus, flangers and possibly wah, and do not care much about distortion at all (some claim that Voodu is actually aimed for high-gain distortion, I hope not)

What are your opinions, does this Rocktron Voodu Valve offer anything that could improve the sound we already have on my Peavey Classic 50 ( a brilliant amp, truly), cause I am worried about it's lack of bypass option for the preamp (it would be ideal to only use effects with my current rig, but it's not to be with this one)

Or should I simply pass on this offer?
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Personally, I wouldn't bother.

You may find that if you sell the gear you are intending to trade for it you may be able to pick up a rocktron Xpression or a used Rocktron Prophesy that will suit your needs much better.

See if you can get a used prophesy on the cheap. With the prophesy you can set it up in 4 cable method with your head so your wah and compression run at the front of your amp and the time based effects run in the loop.

The effects on the prophesy sound nothing short of amazing and it has all the features you would expect from a preamp in its price range, parametric EQ will also increase the variety of tone you can get from it.

With the voodu valve the preamp will of course colour your tone.
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thanks. I am only considering it due to the fact that I have a good opportunity to exchange my ESP Viper 301 ltd for that relatively more expensive piece of equipment
the proud owner of:
Martin OMC-1E acoustic
ESP Ltd Viper 301 vintage sunburst
PEAVEY classic 50 212 combo amp