Right, so everytime I here 99 by Fightstar, the bridge of it always, always reminds me of a song by The Used.. I just have no idea which one... it might not even by The Used...

Any of you in the pit have any clue?


There's 99 by Fightstar, the bridge-y bit I'm talking about starts just before 3 minutes.

Thank you so much!

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it dosent but i know what you mean
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Can you give the point in it where you want us to identify what song it is?

His singing at about 3:00

And it reminds me of older Used, like, their self-titled period.
I'm not sure.. I think it is, like, the first verse.. but I swear I listened to Blue and Yellow earlier to see if I could find it.. but, well, I guess that's what it was though Thanks guys! Big e-whateveryouwants for you.
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That's what I hear too.

Actually, I find it hilarious that I knew what song you were looking for. I only know like three Used songs.

Blue and yellow is the only used song i know and the second i heard the bridge i had a feeling it was what you were thinking of You're not alone (:
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I heard it and identified it on the spot. I'm in love with their self-titled album. Shit, I was listening to it when I came into this thread.
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Aye yeah, it is a great album, I easily prefer to any of their newer stuff.
Aha, blue and yellow seems quite popular thoough. Well, thanks again for the help guys, can get some rest now.