I heard a "pirate punk" song a few days ago and was wondering if anyone else listens to that particular genre and could point me in the direction of some good songs and cuz coincdencidentaly(**** spelling) today my drummer gave me some lyrics that would be good with a pirate-esc sound to it so any tips in writring pirate-y riffs would be awesome too. First person to say either dropkick murphys or any other Celtic punk band gets punched in the balls repeatedly
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I think the whole "pirate theme" is being overdone.

I like Alestorm (pirate metal,) but the whole concept is getting old.
Weird Beard by the Mad Caddies is the only pirate-y punk song I know.
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Thanks guys! And yeah I couldn't do it with every song its more of a one time thing.
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6/8 time helps. Major keys. Grog. Folk melodies with a swinging feel (not "swing") but like lots of dotted rhythms. Scale based stuff. And lyrics about wenches and helmsmen.
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Swashbuckle. They're metal.
Great band.

Swashbuckle is awesome. they played a show near me about a year ago but i couldnt go. someday....