This is my Martin and a different side:

YouTube - "Dinamita Encounters Danger in the Garden"

A ballad I wrote, excuse my horrendous singing, but someone else wrote the words and they motivated me:

YouTube - "The Ballad of Sugar Shane"

Another couple from the distant past:

YouTube - Playing "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan (properly ripped)

YouTube - Playing "Down By The River" by Neil Young (properly ripped)

Here's a couple multitrack instrumentals I did recently (thanks to Windows Movie Maker, who knew?), but before I bought the new Korg box. The first I used my OLD Korg A5 distortion, the second I used little if any effects, just a little overdrive from the Champ:

YouTube - "Sign the Dotted Line"

YouTube - "Screw It"

My first use of said Windows Movie Maker multitracking was for an acoustic blues:

YouTube - "Birdshit on My Window"
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