Im really interested in this bass, it looks amazing, sounds fantastic from the sound clips on the site, and seems to have nothing but great reviews. Its just about in my price range, if i am correct about £600?

But whats this bass like in compasison to a MIA Fender Jazz? Just currious, a MIA Jazz is abit cheaper? I think...
Ive been thinking on getting a MIA Jazz Or a Geddy Lee for a while now, and the lakland has really caught my eye, any help on this would be fantastic!


Link if you want it :- http://www.lakland.com/44-01.htm
Well to me that sounds like a brilliant price for a bass of that quality you get in a Lakland.

I would say a a MIA is more expensive, last time I looked they were about £900 are you thinking of a MIM which would be more around the £600 mark?

Personally I would go for either the Lakland or The Geddy, both are great basses but you should try them out and see what one you prefer the feel and sound of.
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The Skyline series basses are fine basses with great-playing necks - especially the 5-string models. They are somewhat overpriced, but that's life. Lakland switched production of the Skyline series from South Korea to (I believe) Indonesia, so I don't know if the fit and finish are any different now.

The 44-01 and the Jazz are very different instruments. The both have bolt-on maple necks and two pickups, but that's about where the similarities end. The Lakland has a very different EQ (active) and Bartolini Mk 1 pickups, which are going to give avery different sound. Also, if you want to swap out the pickups you may have difficulty finding a drop-in replacement for the Bartolinis. Carvin's soapbar fits nicely, and I've swapped a few Ibanez Bartolini Mk 1 pickups out for those.
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