I tried to get my problem solve in the wiring thread, but it wasn't helpful.

This is the switch I have:

It's a 3 way switch.

I am using this diagram to setup:

Ok, here is what I THINK I should do

First I am considering that the "switch" shown in the diagram is the same as this:

Would this volume setup be correct ?

Then I have no idea what to do with 6-7-8...

The output jack in the diagram is something I can't see.
This is my jack

The one at diagram have one more "iron" than mine... which I would plug in the battery.

Also, I have a wire at the back of my guitar that isn't in the diagram... should I ignore it ?
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Here's the diagram you need. You will have to get a stereo jack (one with 3 lugs) for your EMG's to work properly. The wire in your guitar that's not in the diagram is the bridge ground and it doesn't get used with EMG's. They are grounded intrnally and don't need it.

Wow... Thanks a lot man.

But the guy on the wiring thread gave me that fender 5-way switch saying the positions of the pickups. Why you're using Middle and Neck pickups while emg 81 uses bridge ?

Also, where does that black wire you draw go to in the switch?
Okay, the second diagram is a 5 way pickup selector, which is totally different than a 3 way selector. Decide which one of those it is and maybe we can help you out. That looks like a 5 way selector anyways, 3 way selectors are like toggle switches.

Oh, I guess you already sorted that out. But yeah, 3 way, not 5 way.
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I have a 3 way and want to use it. I know the diagram is five, I though it would be the same.

I suppose the tab you're saying zakk is the one where theres a little ball "inside" it ?
In my diagram the neck pickup is connected to the 3rd lug, which is labeled neck in the pic you posted. Then it's also connected to the second lug, so you get both pickups when it's in the middle position. The bridge pickup is connected to the 6th & 7th lug, the 6th is labeled bridge in the pic you posted. By connecting to both 6 & 7 you get both pickups when it's in the middle position.
The 5 way and the 3 way switches are THE SAME!

Way back when, the Fender Strat, with it's 3 pickups, had only three positions. But many guitarists used toothpicks and such to hold the switch between positions, activating 2 pickups at once! Seeing this popularity, Fender decided to add those two in between positions as what we now know as positions 2 and 4 on a modern strat. The old 3 way can still be seen on guitars like the Fender Telecaster.

And the only difference between the fender, 4 on a side switch, and the import 8 in a line switch is, get this, nothing! It's the same switch with the lugs lined up!

So what you should have done, is ignored the part off to the right in the comparison chart, then you will see how the diagram you already had, and the one Brian posted, are the same, just lined up.

And you can solder the ground to any metal part of the casing of the switch.


Ohhhh, now that was smart zakk

I finally get it.

Thanks so much guys, helped me a lot.