I am creating a musical debate club at my school for this upcoming semester and as the title says it is a debate where all the topics are music related, But I need some topics to debate/ discuss. Band v. Band is fine and any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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Should modern day music be driven by mega-million dollar contracts, or is decentralization of the music scene, via the internet, a good thing.
You could always whip out the "Buy the music, support the artist" vs. "Download the music, give artist exposure" argument.
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Should Lady Gaga be punished under "crimes against humanity"?

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Quote by SlayingDragons
Why would you have a musical debate club? Totally pointless.

That is all we ever do here on the forums so I figured that it would be good for a school setting discussion. And I also didn't ask for your useless opinion on the club if you read my question so shut the **** up and read the mother****ing thread before you ****ing post. Have a good one
"I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees"- "Watch Me Rise"-Have Heart