Poll: What do you think of my baby rats?
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View poll results: What do you think of my baby rats?
Aww, so cute.
96 71%
23 17%
Why would you get rats?
42 31%
Snake food.
55 41%
Voters: 135.
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I named them Athena and Circe. .
They are baby (three week old) rats; what do you think of them, pit?

edit: and disregard myself; I look disheveled.
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pretty cute. oh wait you meant the rats?
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They look cheesy.
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Very nice...mice?

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Circe is on the left; Athena is on the right.
Circe's a little darker, and she's a fancy rat, and Athena is a dumbo rat.
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Train them to be snake food.
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rats rats the more you eat the more you toot:S
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It was actually a little hard to get that picture, because they like hiding in my hair, and just peeking their heads out the side, that's what they're doing right now.
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The truth is, Muslims never apologized for their faith having something to do with the attacks on 9/11.
Athena: Hey do you smell cheese? I could swear there's some cheese nearby. If I could just slide down this boob I'm pretty sure I could hunt it down ...

Circe: Gahh! ARE YOU CRAZY?? I'm afraid of heights ... there's not a lot of room for traction here. What is this stuff anyway, I hope it's not synthetic. I'm allergic to synthetic. $#%*! I almost fell! Someone please tell this $%# to stop typing!
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Awww so cu.....

Wait the rats? Pbbth feed them to the slithering demons known as snakes.
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Awww so cu.....

Wait the rats? Pbbth feed them to the slithering demons known as snakes.

Snakes are cool!
Hold on I still haven't gotten past the picture of the girl.

Edit: Wait aren't you the girl that made that thread about being grounded that went on for like 10 pages for some reason.
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ugh, I don't even look good in that picture. x.x

To the guy a few posts back, sugar gliders are cute, but they're really hard to form a bond with, rats bond to you like a dog would. Rats can learn their name, potty train themselves, and they even have dreams.
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They're cute.

And lol at people clicking all the answers, as of now, everyone that has picked gross has pick all of them.

No problem with pet rats, as long as they're not disease ridden, they're cool.


Rats wouldn't be my pick for a pet, I am a traditional cat and dog guy but hey, if they make you happy then cool.
Enjoy your ridiculous amount of new profile views and new stalkers.

Those rats should be swimming with the fishes for being stool pigeons.
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I wanna be your pet rat
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Dammit, Snorlax! This is why we can't have nice things!!

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So is it me or is the internet making girls like rats and a lot more guys run away saying gross?


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pretty damn hot... err i mean... nice rats

Once I saw those....erm.... rats I came all over myself.

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very cute
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
My mother would be horrified, but personally, I think they're cute.
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It's the rat girl who posted in my rats vs mice thread!

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Better than guinness pigs IMO.

edit: Guinea pigs, rather.

Voted top and bottom btw.
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Omg! Im so jealous. Very cute and congrats ..whats their names?

edit: ^ Proof I dont read threads before I post in them.

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