So I've been out of the pedal building loop for a couple years and I got a hankering to build lately... plus I have a crybaby I got for free that just needs a new dpdt footswitch. I hustled over to my local radio shack only to be disappointed, but thats expected

I looked on line a little and I cant really find a place that sells the nice DPDT foot switches that also sells standard electrical components.

I checked newark.com,futurelec,, mouser but cant find a good switch(do I need on off or latching?)

any recommendations?
I'm surprised mouser doesn't have one.

I suggest www.smallbearelec.com my experiences have been very reliable and good customer service.

and I think Digikey has a good amount of stuff, although I've never really looked.


I checked out digikey they were pretty pricey, mouser also has minimums of 25 pieces so not good for small orders
Read the resource thread, It's been updated recently.


If you've got anymore questions please post them in the pedal building thread. Mouser can be difficult to source parts, SBE and other small suppliers have the advantage that they can get you what you need without much searching.

*reported for close* since we have a resource thread which has a ton of updated links for pedal builders.

Edit:Resource Thread
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So what? Theres a list of component places... im looking for peoples actual opinions... thats the point of a forum, share opinions and discuss.
I ended up going for pedal parts plus... they had some solid prices and cheap shipping. plus I hear their enclosures rule so I may have to go back and spend more monies.