Hey everyone, I am looking for something new to listen to. Specifically bands that incorporate Jazz elements into their music and are more close to being rock as well. So not really into rap songs that do this. I have listened to Bierut, which doesn't have a Jazz feel but a different type of sound nonetheless, and if anyone knows any bands like this as well it would be helpful on this quest. Some type of rock band with jazz elements or just jazz bands in general would be really nice.
do you mean like math rock? cause if so try these bands
Minus the bear, This town needs guns, or maps and atlases.
all great bands.
Not really something like that. Bands like Beirut, Blackbird Raum, I know these don't have jazzy elements but they incorporate other elements into their music. Also what might give a really good idea is the music from the anime Cowboy Bebop.
can't really help you with that then.
But you should check out the bands i listed, who knows maybe you'll like them.
Good Luck on your artist search =p
Try a school new letter or paper or just send out emails/text messages asking for people interesting in the genre of music you're into.