I am probably just being paranoid, but since I've never owned an acoustic I am wondering if the dent will affect the sound in any way. It's not extremely deep and it's not very close to the sound hole but just asking to make sure.

The short answer is no. Nothing even remotely close to audible.
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If your guitar was dropped, I would be more worried about the bracing.

But that dent shouldn't affect anything.
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That would not be good if the bracing were damaged, I doubt it though it fell on carpet. Thanks for the reassurance.
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I've dropped my guitar millions of times. Literally, millions, and I still haven't noticed any change in the sound. U might wanna retune it and check the intonation just in case.
That's less damage than I do with my thumping!
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most guitars i've seen have bigger dings than that, and as others have said, no - it won't affect the sound.