Hello, UG. I need help with the following. I have a Epiphone SG, and I want to change the pickups and have them modified with coil-split system.

I want my tone to preferably sound like this, coming naturally from the pickups:


Which pickups should I get if I want to sound any close to this?
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my amp is buzzing when i plug in my guitar with the cable, but when i unplug just the guitar, it still buzzes when i touch the cable, i think its the cable, but i'm not sure it is, i think its the guitar or the amp but i could be wrong

Almost any. That kind of tone could be virtually any split humbucker, parallel humbucker, Strat style single coil or P-90. All you need for a coil split is four conductor wiring, which almost all humbuckers come with these days; you should also aim to get a slightly hotter and thicker-toned humbucker, since that will equal a balanced tone when split. DiMarzio Tone Zone and Breed models, Seymour Duncan Custom Custom and Custom 5s and Gibson BurstBucker #1/#2/#3 (not Pro) are all good pickups for splitting, although whether they suit your needs as a full humbucker is another question.
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