I need some easy songs to learn completely by ear. The reason im asking here is because I want to get a song Ive never heard before. So basically a song thats somewhat rare, easy to learn by ear, with a clear rhythm and a simple, yet not overly short solo.

thanks in advance
sɹǝʇndɯoɔ ɥʇıʍ poob ʇou ɯı uʍop ǝpısdn sıɥʇ sı ʎɥʍ pob ɥo
Blink 182, Green Day. Both good bands to start off with. Their entire discography consists of pretty much the same chords so you can learn like 5 songs an hour.
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Yeah and nirvana,pretty much any mainstream rock and pop rock bro...and a lot of classic rock like ac/dc and skynyrd are fairly just barre chords not alittle of riffs
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think
have you tried slow down software like riffmaster pro or the amazing slow downer??

i have used them both to figure out songs by ear during guitar lessons and at home for personal use.

i have an affiliate with one but i am not going to say which because this is not a self-promotion post...i REALLY believe in the ability of slow down software to help TRAIN your ear to figure out songs by ear without tabs!

the more you transcribe, the better you will get at listening to a part and figuring it out in your head!

slow down software really helps take the headache out of the daunting task of learning by ear, but once you gain this skill, you no longer have to RELY on internet tabs, although they often still come in handy!

good luck!
Wavepad lets you slow songs down for free, its an audio editing software
Windows Media Player on PC and QuickTime for both PC and Mac gives you options to slow down music without affecting pitch.