Hey! I'm a HUGE Simple Plan fan but I'm having trouble trying to find bands that sound like them or bands that are similar.

My top four favorite bands are:
1) Green Day
2) blink-182
3) Simple Plan
4) Allister

Give me bands similar to Simple Plan and don't mention the ones listed above because I've already heard of them!

Thank you!
Off the top of my head, Sum 41, Eve 6, The Offspring, Angels and Airwaves, Mest, Good Charlotte (their older stuff), and Hoobastank.
Really? You're honestly having trouble finding similar bands?

I don't think you're looking hard enough...

I'm really not a fan of that kind of music, but that might actually be a blessing for you. Here's a huge ass list of bands I hate but you'll probably like, hope it helps.

Good Charlotte
Fall-Out Boy
The Ataris
The Donnas (if'n ya like girls)
Eve 6
Marianas Trench
My Chemical Romance
Brand New
Panic! At the Disco
Sum 41
Taking Back Sunday

That's all I can think of right now... Really, just hit google and type in "Pop Punk" and pick anything that became popular after 2000.
AFI and The Ataris are like Simple Plan? Do you listen to music?
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Brand New is like Simple Plan?

^^^^^ This
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AFI and The Ataris are like Simple Plan? Do you listen to music?

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