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An idea that I had, and hopefully it won't be fail.

So here's what it is: For the next two weeks, whoever agrees to participate will create some kind of cover or remix of music from the Legend Of Zelda series. None of the games music is excluded, it can be either a single song to cover, or you can do a medley of songs.

The last day to submit will be September 7th. Then I'll create another thread where any user who wants to can vote on what tracks they think are the best. If a lot of people (lets say 20) submit, then maybe one more thread will be created with a poll to serve sort of as a final round.

The rules:

No genre of music is excluded. It can be a rock sounding cover, electronic, jazz, classical, etc. However it has to be serious. If it's just something ridiculous it won't be considered. Like if it's just some guy mumbling "Zelda" incoherently.

Only one track per user can be submitted.

There's no time limit, but try to keep it under 10 minutes.

Only Zelda music. No music from Mario or Sonic and shit.

And as for submitting, I'd prefer not to give out my e-mail. Just send me a PM with it, and if you really can't find any way to send me the track, then send me a PM asking for my e-mail and I'll give you the address so you can send it to me that way.

I'll also be creating my own track, and no I haven't started yet.

I thought this would be a good way to promote ourselves as musicians.

An example of something is this Zelda remix that a musician named Ochre won a competition with on the internet years ago:

Anyways, any of you guys down?

Possible submitters:

The Madcap
Bearded Seth
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I'd recommend that you guys check out this youtube channel for inspiration.

This guy does video game covers, including a lot from Zelda.
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I really wish I could participate, but I can't seem to get my recording equipment to work

I just want to show my support for this thread tho Excellent Idea my Friend.
I've already recorded 2 Zelda covers, both in my profile. Except they both were on the UG VG albums so I suppose I couldn't enter either of them...

It'd be fun to do yet another one anyway! Maybe the original dungeon theme.

Quote by King Twili
I'd recommend that you guys check out this youtube channel for inspiration.

This guy does video game covers, including a lot from Zelda.

The guys really good. Except he bugs me a little. He doesn't use the right chord progressions in a few songs. He covered Clock Town and Dark World (the two songs I covered) and the progessions are all wrong. But besides that, his covers are much better than mine.

His cover of Midna's Lament is fucking amazing though. The slide guitar is so awesome.
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Alright, so I got a few submitters. I'll bump this thread tomorrow when more people are viewing the Pit, as right now isn't a very popular.
Totally doing this. My recording equipment is complete shite, but I can still have a bit of fun doing it.
Perhaps, actually. Might see if I could do a harmonica rendition. Don't have access to one till September and I'll probably not have a good enough one in the right key, but we'll see.
Alright last bump. 10 signed up. Any more would be wonderful. Considering that I'll be lucky if 5 actually do something.
hey man,i never done anything like this but really want to,dont know any zelda,ill see if i can come up with something in time. (unlike the others,i do have some decent recording stuff....just never used it before,lol)
I'll do a track.
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I'll re-do my Gerudo Valley theme from like 2 years ago and submit that if that's cool?
Alrighty, just edited the submitters list again. I myself just did a cover of the Deku Palace theme for 3 classical guitars if you guys wanna hear it, but I'm not sure if that'll be my final submitted track.
I've started recording mine. Playing an ocarina in tune isn't easy...
Quote by guitarhero_764
Can we use guitar pro(ie. just midi)?

If so I'm totally in.
Sure as long as it's music and the rest of us can hear it to vote on.
Ok i've just finished recording my Gerudo Valley remake, it's on my profile. Erm i'll upload it to somewhere where you can download it from in a sec.
How did I miss this????

Coincidentally, I put together a medley of all the songs from the original Zelda for the next Video Game Album. It in MIDI ATM, but I can mix it real quick.

So yeah, sign me up!
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you guys did awsome on your covers,thats not sure which song to do yet.... xD of corse i got like 8 days left.i listen to a bunch of the songs tonight to find something and probably start like late tonight or tomorrow.maybe i can finish a song in time.

ok! got it,im think im gonna try minute of forest (easy) and i have another in mind (back up) someone should try doing dragon roost island,that would be awsome.
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Count me in for this!

edit: haha I got so into this I already finished my recording. It's on my profile if you guys wanna check it out.
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I'm in, provided I can get my computer mic and Reaper back on this computer.

I'll be covering the Forest Temple music. No, seriously.
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I'm gonna have to drop out. I'm not gonna be able to get it finished in time. Sorry guys.
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