Reminded me a little of Amon Amarth. I like it. Guitar tone could be a little better, though.

It is very melodic, but at the same time quite heavy, and that's what I like to see

As a piece of music... 7.5/10
My personal opinion on it... 8.5/10

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Good job on this. I liked the guitar tone, i think it could be a little less muddy and more clear, but hey that stuff's all subjective. Also i think double tracking the rhythm tracks left and right instead of one in the centre would have improved the guitar's sound. As for the actual song i liked it, although it is a little repetitive IMO. Personally i would have changed around the lead sections each time or maybe added another on top of it, also i would have thrown a couple more riffs in there but that's just me. The ending also is something you should work on, it just seems to cut off too suddenly. And as the other guy said you blended heavy and melodic well here. Overall i think you've got a good premise for an instrumental track here

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I thought the hook was great, really catchy, espec when the lead kicked in. guitars were a little muddy and it did get repetative, but the drums were on point. nice beat, very aggressive.

getting a good clean take would give you a high rating on this song in my book, and I don't think it should be so much of an instrumental either FWIW. sounds to me like you wrote it with the intention of adding lyrics?

my samps are on my page (be warned... I know the quality's not great, just looking for oppinions on the music mainly. thanks)
Thanks a lot for the crits. I recorded it after not touching my guitar in about a month so my sloppyness added to the mud. I am still figuring out how to EQ and mix everything... There is definetly lyrics to this song, I just have to get my vocals up to par.