i'm supposed to change my multi-effects processor.. i currently use a Line6 Floor Pod (not plus) and i find the tones amazing!!! it's really cool and easy to work with...
but now i want to try something with more capabilities and want to be able to use the bank features...

so i'm considering both the FLoor Pod Plus and the Korg AX3000G
i mainly play prog (Porcupine Tree, Opeth) and want to be able to use diverse tones ranging from screaming high distortions to sparkling cleans with lots of delay..

I don't have an amp right now (sold my Marshall) so i would want the processor to work fine with a PA...

i went to try these pedals out and the Floorpod + had this problem where the volume pedal would just not work... :| i tried three and it didn't work on two of those.. so i'm not really happy with the reliability.. besides here in India, we use 220V of power supply so i have to carry this phase converter thing every time i jam.. i dnt think the korg has that problem too.. though i couldn't play around much with the korg, i thought the presets were a little bland compared to the floorpod plus.. dunno!

at the end of the day, i want great tones...
any thoughts?!
Neither. Go for the Line 6 M9 or M13.
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Check out the Boss Me 20 maybe? Its for around 10-15k
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nah... way too small for my needs..
i wouldn't mind a used pod XT live or a boss gt-8 :/
but cant find nobody!