i currently own a marshall MG100DFX half stack with the original cab that came with it. (i forgot the exact name of the cab)
id like to upgrade to a peavy 6505 amp but due to financial constraints cant buy the entire stack at one time. i was wondering if i was to just buy the 6505 head, would it work alright with my current cab until i can afford a matching cab?
thanks in advance
it would work, but the peavey amp would be knowhere near as great-sounding as it should be. a poor speaker cab will hold back a great amp from its true potential.
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Quote by ERICtheBERIC
would it be enough of an improvement to make it worthwile?

Definately. Also, don't go for the matching 6505 cab - I haven't heard a good review about it anywhere.

EDIT: actually bothered to read, AUS is a different story
If you're in the US, Mesa Boogie is a good bet, although maybe pricey. Check out Avatar too.
^avatar is waaaaay overpriced over here.

keep your eves on ebay if you can go used, you can get some better marshall cabs and such.
Quote by ERICtheBERIC
would it be enough of an improvement to make it worthwile?

Yes, the improvement in tone will be drastic.

Also, Peavey cabs are pretty crap anyway - I don't know what's available on the Australien market, but there will certainly be some cab-manufacturer there that will have superior products in stock.
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yeah what they all said. you'll cream yourself when you first plug the 6505 in.

and you'll do the same when you get a better cab. such as one of these:



The Marshall cab is not only cheaper but it has better speakers.
Even better but more expensive again.

TS: You will get away with it, the upgrade in tone will blow you away. Then when you get your new cab you get to go through the orgasm all over again.
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sweet! im sold. gonna sell my old amp and a heap of other shit and start saving for the 6505
Honestly. What I would do for now is sell the entire MG stack and whatever else and get yourself the $6505+112 combo. Yes it is loud. Yes you can gig with it. Then deal with a new halfstack later when you have more cash.