hi guys..

i plugin my guitar with a 3.55 mm jack converter to pc.

i tried recording it . but its not capturing the whole sound . the gain is droping .

if i am doing wrong way please suggest how i connect my guitar to pc and to improve recording sound!!!

Are you plugging the guitar directly to the computer?
I find it sounds better if I plug the headphone output on my amp directly into the computer.

The best result would be using a microphone and an audio interface.
@nearlyarockstar thanx i will look into it..

@marryholmes2 no i take out wire from head phone jack in amp , and put it in PC.
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should i go for a normal USB guitar interface or a line6 one?

If you're just recording guitars and using amp sims, then Line 6. If you're going to be miking anything, then a "normal" one.
one more question

is the recording quality effected by the sound card , even if i use a USB guitar interface?