Hey guys. I want to ultimately tune my bass guitar to drop a, and the obvious problem here is fret buzz etc. I was thinking instead of buying the lightest bass strings i could find, and tuning UP to the same notes as drop a from standard, and then using an octave pedal (looking at boss oc-3) play an octave down. would this create the same effect? is there any major problems with this? does anyone have experience?

Octavers sound kinda sterile, though the new morpheus Drop-Tune could be something to look at - you tune down by half steps, so you could keep your bass in simple ol' Drop D with it. Don't think it's too expensive either.

Or, you know, try and set your bass up for Drop A. Take it to a music shop, and ask if they'll do it for you.
not at all needed. Just get heavy strings and a set up
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cheers. the next step was to get it set up for lower tunings. ill give that a look. thanks mate
totally go with the heavy gauge strings. Its cheaper and you'll get the real tone. Thats what I did with one of my guitars. I wanted to have it set up for Bb standard so I just bought some massive strings and adjusted it. Works great!
Um, maybe a bit pricey but if you frequently want to use Drop A, just get a 5 string/ERB and tune the low B down a tone, I do this for all my deathcore stuff

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Yeah, octave pedals have a, in general, really hard time tracking. To use it as an alternative to drop-tuning... it's just not viable.

Over the past few years i've owned a Whammy IV, Boss OC-2, Boss OC-3, EHX Micro POG, EHX POG2, EBS Octobass, and the DIgitech Bass Synth Wah. They were fun for individual parts... but FAR too unreliable to use as an 'always on' pedal.

+1 to grabbing a cheap-ish 5 string. Octave pedals are expensive anyways and generally in the $200+ range... you can get a 5er for that price and it' sound way better for what you are trying to do.

If you wanna stay with a 4 string, get heavy gague strings and set it up so there will be no fret-buzzieness.
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Or you could get your nut filed and put the lower 4 strings of a 5 string pack on. Then you just need your bass set up a little bit and you're good.
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