So I went on holiday and didn't play guitar for three weeks (I know, it's tragic ) and when I came back to play guitar, I found that after an hour's worth of playing, my fingers really, really hurt - so I had basically lost my callouses. Can you guys suggest anything to keep callouses when on holiday so they don't go away or is there no other way and after every holiday you just have to bear the pain?

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You can put a dab of alcohol on each finger tip to keep them dried out. This is especially helpful if your hands are going to be wet a lot, even if you play actively.
I used to have this problem too. The more you play though, and especially the longer you play for (as in years), the less of a problem this becomes. After a while your body gets the message and will keep (most of) your callouses even after a couple of weeks of no playing.

Another tip is to buy a travel guitar. They're cheap ($100 or thereabouts), sound quite good (I have a Savannah one that has quite a big sound, for such a small body) and are small and light enough to take with you on the plane, as hand luggage. I've had no problem travelling with mine in the past.

Hope this helps,
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