I was thinking of buying a Squier Affinity Telecaster. What does everyone think of this guitar? I want to use it for gigs.


Cheers Matt.
Its a good beginning guitar, and idk about the tele but i know the strat has a solid alder body, so thats a great jumping off point if you want to do some mods or upgrades. Just find one that plays good cuz guitars at that price are very hit and miss in terms of quality.

i refinished mine swapped pups and it's a really nice guitar.

BUT! after all said and done, ended up costing around $300. so.
if you were planning on putting over a hundred into the guitar, you might just do better
finding a used Mexican tele instead.

yes it will probably still have stock pups, but you can always go up from there.

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I have one since I started playing, i still have it to this Day, and I love it more than my Jackson. I don't gig that often, but when I do, It never let's me down.

All the best in buying, Jamie.
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The affinities are sweet, good workhorse gutiars, and they deffinately sound like a tele. Though, see if you can afford a classic vibe or vintage modified squier. Cheaper than the fenders, and pretty much on the same level of quality. Just you arent paying for the fender logo.