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Kinda like Myspace did/has, will Facebook go out of fashion?

Pretty much everyone I know has Facebook, other than me and all I ever hear about is Facebook. At college the first thing everyone does when they see a computer is go on Facebook. People are using the Facebook chat thingy more than MSN now. People will be on their phone..

..on facebook

It seems everyone is completely obsessed.

With the amount of users on Facebook I can see it lasting a lot longer than Myspace, but do you think it'll die out?
It'll die eventually.
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Of course it will, I'm sure people were asking the same question about Bebo and Myspace a few years ago and now look
I think the only way it will die out is if something better and more accesable comes along, which would be nigh impossible. Facebook is great because it's so easy to use and keep in contact with everyone.

Myspace took a bit of getting used to before you could really do everything you wanted with it, but also the features Facey has are brilliant and now people can access them on their phones in seconds, i can see it becoming an important part of peoples social lives. Which i'm not sure is a good or a bad thing...

So basically, I doubt it will ever die out!
I thought it was nearly over for Facebook when Twitter came out, but clearly not.

I still use it, but I don't know when I'll stop. Probably if I get bored of it, or there's no one left to talk to on it.
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I think its partly trend and party that its still a fairly new thing. Once it becomes older people wont get so excited about it, and probably use it in slightly more reasonable quantities.
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It's a tough one. I think the problem is you need one to function in society now, it's like a landline....The next generation just wont have a choice.

Although i don't use facebook...

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People always have to be occupied. Eventually something bigger and better will come along and "replace" Facebook. But it won't just go out of fashion by itself.
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It'll last a lot longer, but eventually they'll try something "innovative" that will fail and make people leave. Just like bebo and myspace
i think facebook is more practical than myspace, besides all the groups that spam the feed up...
its fairly low bandwidth so its good for phones.

myspace is better for music but has fallen behind with facebook and seems to be copying facebook.

Facebook is kind of a habit for me i go to facebook browse for a bit then get bored go to the taskbar and then scroll down click facebook again and end up being on the home page quiet annoying

but yes it will go out of fashion just like everything else but only when something new comes along.
I don't see what the big deal is about Facebook. I ended up shutting mine down because it's just another online dating site to me. Mother****er drove me crazy.
If it keeps updating and prevents becoming a spam-fest like myspace then maybe
Do you think phones will ever go out of fashion, though? The thing is it's just a step in technology that'll last forever. It's like asking if the frying pan will ever go out of fashion.

Maybe A "facebook" will become a by-word for all social networking in the future....Like hoover for vacuum cleaner.

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Jellyfish are 97% water or something, so how much are they doing? Just give them another 3% and make them water. It's more useful."
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Itl probably get more and more overrun with advertisements and annoying apps like its predecessors
To me it began to die a long time ago. You log in, check updates(often there are none) and then you're out!
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Do you think phones will ever go out of fashion, though? The thing is it's just a step in technology that'll last forever. It's like asking if the frying pan will ever go out of fashion.
You could argue that "phones" have gone out of fashion, if you define them as things that only make phone calls. Even if you extend that definition to text messages. Phones like the iPhone are in fashion but you may as well call them mini computers as it would be more accurate.
il give it 3 yrs tops before something better comes along

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It'll last longer than its predecessers. Noprmally every year a new social networking site comes along but that hasn't happened this year, Facebook just got bigger and bigger.
i gave up on facebook. i hardly go on. i think for me the "novelty" of facebook has worn off and i now find it boring and pointless. if it doesnt get spam infested then it may last a bit longer.
You log in, check updates(often there are none) and then you're out!

also this
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I hope it dies out soon. Signed up during exam period to ask people in my class questions if i ever got stuck, and as soon as the exams finished, i didn't go back onto it. Some people are addicted to it, they can't be on a computer without going on facebook. But then again i never got into any fads like Pokemon, Bebo etc.

And besides, i've got a mobile phone with free calls and texts for a reason. Everyone that i'd actually want to talk to, i've got their number, so i dont see the point in it
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It will last alot longer than Myspace and Bebo, nearly every phone out right now comes with some sort of application to use it.
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I occasionally check on my phone

I don't very much though because people are annoying.

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I think facebook is better than any of its predecessors.
I don't agree with getting so addicted to it, nor use it for useless crap like status updates every two minutes, or games (like mafia wars, zombie crap, etc). It is amazing for staying in contact with a lot of people easily. Makes it a lot easier to stay in touch with your highschool friends after grad, and just generally letting people know what's going on with eahother without having to be so detailed, and you can choose how much you want people to know/see about you.

I've just seen that it's the wannabe rebels who refuse to use it. And it's also that people get misconceptions about the use/purpose of facebook, because some highschool kids decide to use it for crap (like the every two minute update, games, etc) and all those other dumb apps for the site that are created to waste time time/distract from the social networking part of the site.
I hope it dies out.
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Annoyingly it's the only way anything gets organised amongst my friends, so it's a necessary social network for me.

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I hope facebook dies for a week or two, and I would like to see how people cope without it.
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To me, it died since Winter 2009. Nowadays who doesn't have a FB account ?
I don't even use it anymore, I deleted a lot of people that I don't know very well, and I use it when I'm trying to get in touch with someone, and that's it.

Definitely something better will come along, and it will go through the whole same old sh*t again, and ends up dying like the others
I hope this plague dies out. That way, when it's totally uncool, I can brag to everyone how I always hated facebook. It's just a cesspool of shallow comments and narcissism.
i remember thinking the same kind of thing a couple of years ago, i thought spam would come in and destroy facebook in much the same way it did to myspace, but, for better or worse, facebook has been able to prevent that from happening to the point where it'd be damaging.

i see it sticking around for a long time, it's become so integral to our society it would be pretty hard to straight-up drop it, and the ways it's constantly expanding make it really hard to die slowly
It probably will. I don't see what's with the hate on Facebook anyway, I think it's pretty cool. If you don't want to use it, fair enough, but it's not that bad really, some of the people that use it might be annoying, but you don't have to be friends with them.
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