Hey hey UG,

Today I borrowed an Epiphone Viola Bass Guitar from a good friend of mine, I admire it's tone and it's look but the intonation on the instrument is way off.
The E is flat, D is sharp and the G is sharp.

I have no experience fixing intonation on this type of bass, would anyone please lend a helping hand on how to fix it with the floating bridge?


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Hi there.put the small piece of fret for the G string in the fist slot on the bridge nearest to the pickup and check for the octave intonation on the twelve fret.if not correct then move the whole bridge back or forward until correct.the other three fret pieces should be in the second third and fourth slots on the bridge.this is how my Epi is set up.
In some circumstances I have seen the bridge angled to obtain intonation.
Hope this helps.
Best regards John
I heard somewhere that the best way to intonate an archtop style bridge is by loosening all the strings and moving the bridge to the point where the top and bottom strings are more or less intonated but you still have room to fine tune them. When you intonated the top and bottom strings you should be able to intonate the rest with relative ease.

That is if you know how to intonate a string in the first place. In that case refer to the post above, or better yet, check videos on youtube.
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