Whats up guys, anyways I'm here because I'm not seeing the improvement I'd like to be seeing, I feel like for the amount I practice I'm decent, nothing great. Anyways I know scales, notes on the fretboard, tons of riffs, tons of half songs, stuff like that. I know maybe 3 full full songs. I try to get an hour in a day sometimes its alot more sometimes less. Anyways whenever i go to learn a song, I pick up some of it, then i hear another song and my attention instantly drifts. Anyone have this problem?
just gotta focus. Practice is not always fun - a lot of time the rewards are not immediate.

Try writing down what you'll be practicing, why. and for how long per session before you practice.

try setting some goals for yourself to give your practice more purpose.
More importantly, you want to set the metronome at 60 BPM when you do exercises and increase the speed by using faster rhythmic units. Start with half notes, work up to sixteenth notes, then bump it up 20 BPM and start over.

Concentrate on staying loose, articulating each note perfectly, and moving your fingers only as much as they have to be moved. Your ear should be your guide and you should be able to feel what your fingers are doing.
I find that when I get distracted, a timer to time each session (of anything that I could get distracted from) is very helpful. There's a nice one here: Online Stopwatch
you need to focus on learning songs all the way though, and THEN play along to them until you get it perfect!

go for an entire album from a single artist, such as the whole master of puppetz record by metallica, or rust in peace by megadeth!

do you FOCUS while you practice or watch TV and talk to your girlfriend!! haha jk, but you get the point! use a metronome and think about your practice session, because PERFECT practice makes perfect!


repetition is the mother of all skill, so pick out a hard pattern and loop it like 199 times to a metronome, THEN up the BPM by 10 beats or so and do it again!

just like going to the gym! not that i do THAT!! haha