Hey Guys,
First of thanks for reading this I really appreciate it, and i'd also really appreciate it if you guys could take a listen to my band, All But Forgotten. We're an Alternative band with Grunge influences as well as some other stuff. We're based in South Florida and have written numerous songs and I'd be crazy happy if you'd take a second and click on one of the following links and take a listen to a few songs off our new album, "New World". If you like them all of them are free for download.
Heres the links:

Youtube: Here
Myspace: Here
Facebook: Here
Download Album: Here

And again, Thank you
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you've got some really good tunes. you really work with the production, but if you sing maybe a bit louder and more powerful you'll really see a difference.
thanks man, I'll give that a shot and maybe try an re-record a few of the songs and see how it goes
Hey dude,

First of all, thanks for checking my band out and for the kind praise! I always try to return crit, so here goes.

Listening to 'Self Loathing'.

My immeadiate thought is that the overdriven guitar doesn't sound too good. There are timing issues with the initial riff, and the overall tone isn't all that great. Vocally, it's not bad; I'll touch on the same topic My_Name_Is_Van raised about singing with more 'power' - I think that would really take the track up a notch. I like the vocal more once it gets into it though. The song itself is pretty good, chorus is pretty memorable.

Overall, I think some good production could add a lot of value to the tracks. Impressive considering you wrote and played everything though - keep it up!
Thanks man, it means alot.

Yeah, I know about the whole production thing is an issue, honestly I really just want to get into a studio and record everything I have in my head, but sadly it doesn't work like that . Anyway thanks for the critique it means a lot every time anyone's willing to take a listen, my goals are basically to get a band together so I can play shows and get out there so people can see and hear us, and ultimatley get into a studio and put out a real album, hopefully with some of these songs, anyway thanks man