I'm trying to figure out why my amp (Madison Divinity) has a terrible hum when I turn on the distortion channels. It happens regardless of the Gain level and EQ's and such... Could it be my amp or gutiar? I've tried using a a Hush Pedal before the chain and in the loop but that really had no effect except for killing my feedback and most of my sustain lol. Any suggestions? Is this the wrong thread? Will I ever find out?
Maybe is your PC or something else on the same electric circuit?
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There are a few possible causes, and may be more than one. Find a schematic online if you can, if not, email the company and request one.

If the hum is unresponsive to the gain level, then it means the what's causing the hum is most likely after the gain control. If the hum gets quieter with the gain control, then the cause is most likely before the gain pot.

If you don't have experience with trouble shooting or repairing electronics, I suggest taking it to an amp tech. If the warrantee is still good, contact the company before you or a tech touch the amp inside.

If the hum doesn't go away when you touch the bridge, it's probably not your guitar, unless it hums on other amps as well. Try a different guitar if you've only got one amp, that should be able to tell you if it's the amp or guitar.

If you insist on fixing it yourself:
A: You are so lucky to have that amp

B: What guitar are you playing out of it?

Maybe try using a different outlet, and if the problem persists, try another cable, perhaps another power cord.
Thanks a lot guys. Yeah my amp is hooked up to the same circuit as my comp but my basement is ghetto rigged as hell. I have an extention cord running from the washing machine room over to this room with like 10 things hooked up into a monster power strip.... that's probably the cause of it right there. I do want to get it looked at though.
Yeah its a pretty beasty amp dio. I got a LTD EX-400 but i swapped out the emgz and put a dimarzio super dist in the bridge and a dimebucker in the neck... strange combo but it sounds sweet
i have had a similar problem a few days ago. turned out it was a set of speakers near me. i would recommend moving to a different spot and see if it keeps happening.