Hey guys,

So I built an A/B box yesterday, and I'm having some trouble integrating it into my pedalboard. My idea was to put it at the beginning and run two separate lines of pedals--one clean (chorus, EQ) and one dirty (tube overdrive, delay, reverb). The last pedal in each line would connect to a channel on my amp. The idea is that with the press of one switch I can choose between a clean or dirty sound.

The problem seems to be my true-bypass Hardwire pedals. They seem to introduce noise into the signal, but only if there isn't a Boss (non-true bypass) pedal directly in front of them. It's really weird. I can't put the Boss pedal behind (closer to the amp) the Hardwire pedal, that does nothing. But if it's in front of the Hardwire the buzz stops completely.

I'm running a daisy chained One Spot power supply, but this same thing happened when I used a single Boss power supply to power a single Hardwire pedal connected to the amp. Terrible noise. So I don't really know if an isolated power supply is the solution.

Any ideas? I'd really like to use my A/B box, but it's a real pain to integrate into the board if I have to make sure I have a buffer in front of the circuit.
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have you tried without the powersupply and just battery?
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