can anyone tell me a good hard acoustic song preferably in drop c or drop d? it doesnt have to be that way i just need something challenging. thx
Classical Gas by Mason Willams should keep you going for a day or two cheers.
Define "hard" What do you find hard? I mean Angeles By Elliot smith is hard if you aren't great at crazy travis pickingish stuff, but then it is a simple chord proggression. Mood for a day by yes is challenging. Try Beethoven stuff transcribed for the guitar if you want a challenge. Good luck! Cheers man.
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Try 'I miss you' by incubus. Its in drop d, but the tab on ug is a little off. Listen to the track and you should get it though.
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Are you into finger picking? I made a video lesson of Fur Elise by Beethoven but UG rejected it. Interestingly the simple version I made a month earlier was accepted.