Title explains it, I need a new wallpaper for my ipod touch (inb4 apple sux lololol zune ftw)
Any good photos/images that are interesting?
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Noodz .

EDIT: Mine's a picture of me climbing out the window a 14th-century castle. I had no ropes, and I would have fallen 500m if I slipped. It was fun.

Before that I had this picture of my favorite band, Aghora.

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as i cant advertise other sites on here, type skins.be into google and use whatever you want from there.

also erm... your fave musician????
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How bout a cool shadowy pic of your guitar or sumthing. Take a pick from the headstock pointing down the neck, those look good if you can get the right angle.
Pop Art always looks cool. Try some Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol or Jasper Johns.
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live pics of one of your fav bands are always cool, im actually currently looking for a wallpaper for my android haha
I had a cool pic of the headstock of my Syn Custom, with the skull with the top hat, then i switched it to the cover of Nightmare when they completed the puzzle to reveal it. (God i feel like such a fanboy) Then today i switched it to a spider that a friend of mine drew. She wanted it to be terrifying, but not so much that i would get scared. (Im terrified of spiders)
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