My band has a P.A. that we use for practice. We have two microphones (both of which are pretty low-quality, but we work with what he have), and will need a third, seeing as both the guitarist and bassist have situations where they will be providing backing vocals. What kind of microphone should we get (condenser, dynamic, et cetera), and does anyone have any recommendations for brand or model? Keep in mind, we're pretty limited for money, so we want one that's great for the price.
i'd recommend Dynamic for live, mainly because you don't want it to pick up the other instruments. Shure SM58 is the standard as far as i know. it's best to try lots of different types, i've heard that people who scream tend to use the SM57s
As long as you aren't throwing it around, a Shure SM-48 should be fine. At $50, it sounds pretty damn good. I actually use it on all my recordings and I wouldn't hesitate to use it in a live setting.

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