Is is possible to put a Tv Jones Tv Classic pickup on my epiphone les paul? And a 5 way pickup selector like a fender strat? I love the sounds of the pickups and i figured i check it out. Thanks for ANY answers.
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They don't look like regular humbucker size so you have to either
1) Find a mounting plate to put that in a humbucker slot
2) Fill a pickup slot, route that size cavity, refinish
3) Route a cavity between your two humbucker cavitys.

As for the 5 way switch, You would be able to but you'll have to drill a hole for the switch to fit. Your 3 way switch would have to be scrapped or it'd be useless unless you wanna have some fancy wiring stuff..

Also there are such things and mega and rotary switches but i don't know about them. Someone else please explain...

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