Im looking for a new guitar, it's gonna be mostly for hard rock, rock, punk, blues rock, psychedelic etc. Stuff like BRMC, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Joan Jett, acdc, Jet, the Stones etc. Looking to spend less than 600$ Canadian.

So far my two favorites are:

Eastwood Stormbird

Schecter solo special

Since I'm left handed, not much chance in getting to play the same one I buy, I'll most Likely test out the right handed versions of them, see how i like the feel then decide. Have any of you had experience with either of these guitars? I'm more worried about if the eastwoods worth the money for it, I've heard mixed things.

Open to suggestions as well, not looking for anything except solidbodys, I've already got a hollowbody.

Thanks in advance
Out of the 2 you put up id get the Schecter
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Yeah that's the one I like the most, I'll probably go with it anyway, as I've only heard good things about it
This should be a no-brainer. The Eastwood has a Basswood body and cheap hardware. The Schecter has a Mahogany Body + Mahogany neck, A locking Tone-Pros bridge, Duncan Designed pups, and so on. Get the Schecter.