Alright folks, selling or trading my Dean for something a bit more traditional... I've decided I've had too many metal/modern shape guitars.

From MusicStreet.co.uk -
Body - Mahogany
Bridge/Tremolo - Floyd Rose Licensed Tremelo
Controls - Dimebag Traction Knobs
Fingerboard - Rosewood
Frets - 22
Inlays - Dot
Neck Joint - Set Neck
Neck Material - Mahogany
Pickguard - None
Pickups - Dimebucker Treble Pickup, Zebra pickup

Great guitar, in 7/10 condition. Sadly, I've no case - traded this from a friend and he didn't have one either. It plays like a dream, I just fancy something different! The guitar is set up in drop B, but I can set it up to anything you fancy.
You can pick the guitar up, I can meet you in the Glasgow region (or maybe a little further if we negotiate petrol money). Looking for £400 or nearest offer... I'll definately entertain offers close to 400, and I'd like to hear what you've got for trade - could be interested in strats, teles, les pauls, you name it!
Pics can be found HERE!
PM me, leave messages here or email me at Fullmetaljacket_2003@Hotmail.com

Cheers, Mike
Bumpo uno... If you're interested, make an offer. I'd be especially interested in a superstrat - most preferably an Ltd. But hey, ask and ye shall receive (an answer).

The guitar plays lovely, low action across the board. However, I'll no doubt give it a quick set up while im restringing so If you prefer the action higher or low to the frets I can deal with that.
Details of the strat and some pics please? It'll have to be something special to get a straight swap; I'm open minded though!
I have this: http://www.blocket.se/malmo/Ibanez_GRG_06_Limited_Edition_28297173.htm

# Ibanez GRG06LTD MK2 GIO Limited E-Guitar
# GRG2 Neck,
# Basswood Body
# Jumbo Frets
# ILT1 Bridge
# PSND1 (H) neckpu, PSND2 (H) Bridge pu.
# Color: Black Camouflage on Metallic Khaki

Few minor cosmetic scuffs, nothing too major:

I'm after a Dime because our manager wants us to cover Cemetary Gates, and I refuse to without a guitar to do it justice
That's a nice guitar but sorry, its not my style and its considerably cheaper than the Dime... sorry dude!

I do agree, playing Pantera songs on a Dime just feels right!
One trade offer so far on another forum so this has a week before I take it...
Red MIM strat with BK Irish Tour set....
I hope you get a decent amount for this.

I noticed it on our local Gumtree, but it's really not my kind of guitar. It's a marmite case, in that some will love it/some will hate it.